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The Most Revolting Ryhmes

Last week all of the grade 4s had to do a Revolting Rhyme on the book made by Ronald Dahl. We were leaning the language of Rhythm and rhyme my group had to do a ryhme on jack and the bean stork work and our year 1 buddies would question us when we where done. This is what my buddy Spencer said about our play Spencer liked the part were Nathan said FEE FI FOO FUM I SMELL THE BLOOD OF A ENGLISHMEN.
He also liked that it was silly.
He Dident like that it got mest up
He also Dident likes the look of the giant it looked mean.
In my group there were 5 of us and these are who where in my group Nathan Chelsea Ella and Indiana.

20150520-121737.jpg         20150520-121857.jpg