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What a Fantastic Mr Fox What’s That

On the 5th of May our class 4B read a book called fantastic mr fox whitch most of our class voted for. And I was one of them we also had 2 votes after that because you had 3 votes

The owners of these farms had done well.

i inferenced that they had a good business and have set the farm up really well.

‘I can smell these goons a mile away. I can smell one from the other

i inferenced that fantastic mr fox could smell each and every one of them from very far away

After reading Chapters 1-4 – What are some inferences you can make about the three farmers

I infers that the farmers hate fantastic mr fox because he stole there animals and they want revenge which is sort of why they are angry

Why do you think Mr. Fox was always especially careful when coming out of his hole

i think because you never know if someone’s there and he heard Brussels in the bush

“It will never grow again,” said Mr. Fox. “I shall be tail-less for the rest of my life.” He looked very glum. What does the word glum mean?

i think glum means that he’s felling dejected.

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