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Crazy puzzles

Maths puzzles they are they are the worst the are so annoying and trickery and also take a long time
The hexagon puzzle was so hard and took me so long i think if you practise you might be able to finish a lot quicker


But when I did finish it felt pretty good but I would never do it again
I worked together and that’s how I got it done it we have done 2 puzzles the hexagon puzzle and the T puzzle.


The 1meter Lighthouse challenge

all of year 4 did the lighthouse challenge we got put into groups of 2,3 or 4 and we had to make a lighthouse out of newspaper. Rules it had to be 1 Metre tall you got 1 metre of tape


and we had make it past the 30 second fan test my group was NathanChelsea and me we did really good the first level past second level past third level past it was very hard because you had to stabilise it.