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Melbourne exertion

Can I smell doughnuts yep I sure can I don’t know about everyone else but I’m going strait to 7 11 to get some Krispy Kremes but any way doughnuts are not why we were in Melbourne.we noticed different smells and sounds in the vic market there were all sorts of cultures Such as Asian polish German Italian Greek French Chinese and Aussie!!i found a fruit that i had never seen before called papaya and all sorts of meat bread and other stuff that you wouldn’t find in you local supermarket

Are zoo’s essential

Why do these animals have to suffer in a 30 m cage when they could have thousands of miles to run. Imagine if you were stuck in a cage for all those years not being able to run

Animals that live in the zoo are loosing there fight. So if they were let out of the zoo they wouldn’t survive because they were in the zoo for so long they would forget there natural instincts.

In a zoo you don’t get to see there natural behaviours because they forget how to be a animal cause there in the zoo were the can’t run, can’t hunt, food is provided

animals usually get taking away from there family to go into zoos.its like some kids from other countries get stolen and never see the family’s again however some are taking away from there families so they can increase the population.

So now hopefully you get my point that zoos are not essential


Election reflection

Today we did political partie Election Day I was in the party P.E.P.P. We had to persuade the year 4s and 5s to vote for our party. Our party’s 2 ideas were to get classroom pets and electives. In the end our group only got 13 votes but overall we did really good because we worked good as a group. But on the day I didn’t really help my group

Political parties questions

a system of voting whereby the voter indicates his order of preference for each of the candidates listed on the ballot for a specified office so that if no candidate receives a majority of first preferences the first and second preferences and if necessary third and other preferences may be counted together until one

Discussion Question

1. For a political candidate to win their seat in an election they need to…

a. Win half the votes

b. Win half the votes plus one

c. Win 100% of the votes


2. What is the official name for someone that counts the votes in an election?


3. Not every country uses preferential voting. Can you name one?

North Korea

4. Why are the advantages of a preferential voting system?

If you don’t get your first you might get your second

5. Why do minor parties prefer the preferential voting system?

Because there not as rich they can’t afford big advertisement so they might get the other people’s 2 or 3 vote

6. What is the purpose of a “how to vote card”?

So you know how to vote and don’t make a donkey vote

7. What is a polling booth?

The place were you put your votes

8. Have you ever had to vote for someone or something? What was the process?

Voice-afl app

9. Can you name the three major Australian political parties? Who are their leaders?

Liberal party-Malcom Turnbull  laybor party- bill shorten Australian greens Richard Di Natale