About me

Hello readers my name is Caleb and I live in australia in a small town near Melbourne this is 20 facts about me.


1..i barrack for Hawthorne fc in AFL

2.my favourite movie is over the hedge

3.lasanga is my favourite food

4.i ride motorbikes

5.i was born in 2005 (11)

6.i have a dog that is 7’years old

7.i play football (AFL)

8. I play cricket

9.i play indoor soccer

10.i have a master craft boat

11.we do wakeboarding wake surfing and skiing and tubes

12.my favourite animal is a lion

13.i have an older brother that is 14

14.i love to drive JetSkis

15.inlike to play GTA5 with my friends on the PS4

16. I hate broccoli!

17. My favourite football position is half forward.

18. I have a dog that is a beagle crossed with a King Charles cavalier.

19.i went to the 2013 AFL grand final

20.my favourite afl player is luke hodge

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