Jai’s first year of school!


Jai’s first year of school what is that? Well it is a book that I made us year 5s made a picture story book for our future buddy’s that will be a present for them when we meet them next Tuesday. What I liked about. Well I really enjoyed putting all the work into the book it was fun and annoying doing the drawings and the writing was something I liked doing to. What would I do different next time I think for me to that I would try and think of an idea in one session instead of taking 1 session to get an Idea and also setting up my story I really struggled with that but then luckily mrs marks helped me do my idea and it helped a lot.

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  1. Hey Caleb,
    I really enjoyed the post I liked how you described why we made the books and how you said you struggled but you still made the book. I wish you would improve your punctuation because your post is hard to read.

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