————-Climate Change—————–

Is climate change happening well yes it is and I know that because Ceri confirmed that question to my class today. Ceri is a meteorologist and she study’s the weather and the atmosphere.

The main stuff that stuck with me was! I learnt today in the lesson that 97 out of 100 scientists say that climate change is happening in the world! We also learnt a lot of stuff such as, humans are the main cause of co2 in the atmosphere, there are a number of gases that impact on our atmosphere,the proof of climate change includes photos,graphed data,ice caps meting,oceans warmer and higher and glaciers running. Farming and raising cattle contributes high levels of methane to the atmosphere. CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) were contributing to the hole in the ozone layer but were banned back in the 1980’s. I hope that you believe in the climate change layer and our world can stop the atmosphere from breaking.


  1. To Caleb,

    I like how you have put a lot of information and if some one doesn’t know about climate change they can read this and get a lot of facts out of it.

    From Kane

  2. Hey Caleb, interesting post but I found that your punctuation in the 2nd paragraph didn’t make much sense but you explained climate change a lot and backed it up with Ceri. (Can you comment on my blog too?).

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