The very cranky bear🐻

Four friends – Moose, Lion, Zebra and Sheep – head into a cave to escape the rainy cold weather.
What none of them realise is there is a big cranky bear in that cave Chased back out into the rain, the four creatures must think of a way to cheer the bear up so that he will let them back in. Zebra thinks no one could be happy without stripes, Moose realises he would be miserable without his antlers and Lion decides they should give Bear a mane. Poor old plain Sheep, though, has nothing to give.In they proceed, painting stripes on Bear, sticking branches on him for antlers and making him a mane of grass.Of course, this doesn’t cheer him up; it makes him crankier and he yells at Sheep, who is standing in his way. All I really want he says is a quiet place to sleep Sheep comes up with a way to help him, and they all find a way to be happy.
I think the theme is to be respectful of people sleeping and it’s always good to help out



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