🏊🏻Breathing in the water🏊🏻

Why can’t humans breathe under water but fish can?
Well humans can’t breathe under water because our lungs do not have enough surface area to absorb enough oxygen from water, and the lining in our lungs is adapted to handle air rather than water.

Today we had a year 5 science expo. We had to make a piece of writing with information about something that you have always wondered which that wondering had to explain how or why. It was on the Wednesday the 7th of September. It was in the grade 5 classrooms. We did this expo so we can teach others about something they might of wondered about. My highlight was working on the piece and making it the best I could. My lowlight was on the day saying the same thing over and over again was really boring. I think I could do some better eye contact with my visitors so they stay with the topic. I thought I presented my piece of writing pretty well.


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